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About Us


GOBelize supports and promotes our Belizean youth as agents of change by expanding their knowledge of sexual reproductive health, improving their leadership skills, and promoting environmental consciousness while fostering positive behavior in an atmosphere of fellowship. 


Youth in Belize have access to sustainable Sexual Reproductive Health services and are proactive advocates to improve programs and policies that impact youth.


Who We Are

Founded in 2011, GOBelize is a non-profit organization that fosters the leadership of Belizean youth to become positive social change-makers, by growing their understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as environmental consciousness, all while embracing a spirit of fellowship. 


GOBelize provides leadership training and information on SRH and environmental consciousness to at-risk-youth, and develops leadership action plans (LAPS) with youth cohorts to implement projects aiming to address specific issues happening in society.


GOBelize also provides income-generating skills for young women, so they have financial freedom; and community outreach and Sexual Reproductive Health Services and psychological support. to HIV patients, as well as to other youth.


We believe that change starts within 

We empower youth; we help them improve their mindset into a more positive one, in which they believe they have a voice and a power of decision. 

There is potential in every young person

We want to raise awareness that regardless of their gender, belief, or religion, every young person deserves to be seen, respected, and treated fairly and equally. 

Every young person deserves an opportunity 

No matter their background, every young person is capable of managing, deciding, and committing to their growth, education, and personal development.

Every youth has leadership potential

We empower and recognize young leaders to be role models for others. When youth see themselves as leaders, they recognize their capacities, open their minds to more positive ideas, and become changemakers.

Once you are GOBelize, you will always be GOBelize

We strive to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with our fellows. We promote a safe and supportive environment where youth feel part of a family, accepted, and free to open up.

Equity is our fuel

We create an enabling, inclusive, and diverse environment for youth to become positive agents of change.

Together is better 

By working hand in hand with local institutions and NGOs. We open the conversation to help create a platform where it is safe to speak about critical social issues affecting youth in Belize, such as LGBTIQ, SHR, and human rights, and policy change.

Strategic Focus

Develop youth-led leadership, SRH, and environmental awareness programs that respond to the current needs of Belizean youth and communities, with a focus on specialized training


Create platforms that allow the cadre of GOJoven Belize Alumni to advocate for better ASRH projects, services, and policies in Belize, through their active participation, commitment, and leadership


Provide employment, consultation and education opportunities to enhance the professional development of the GOJoven Belize Alumni


Lead research projects that investigate the implementation by governmental entities of International conventions/treaties and national policies and laws that should ensure youth access to SRH knowledge and services and youth participation in environmental consciousness programs

Alumni Association

GOJoven Belize

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