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Adir Amin Chan

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Adir Amin Chan

After completing his Associate’s Degree in Psychology at St. John’s Junior College in 2012, Adir worked for the Ministry of Health to implement the Central American Behavioral Surveillance survey. As an interviewer, he researched the prevalence of HIV and other STIs, speaking with people living with HIV, including female sex workers. After completing his time with the Ministry of Health, he started volunteering as an interviewer at C-NET+ (Collaborative Network for People Living with HIV). Adir then had the opportunity to become a Peer Educator on Sexual and Reproductive Health for PASMO Belize (Pan-American Social Marketing Organization), where he gained knowledge and demonstrated his passion for educating adolescents and helping implement behavioral changes in the community. He continues to volunteer at C-NET+ and do consultancy for PASMO. In the future, he sees himself becoming an even stronger leader in improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Belize.

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