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Delicia Mckoy

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Delicia Mckoy

Delicia Mckoy has served as a member of UNFPA’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG), through which she has conducted many outreach projects for youth. She was a participant of the peer education training conducted by the Belize Red Cross, a program that educated young people on Stigma and Discrimination in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health. She also received training in Drama and script writing from the National Creole Counsel. Delicia aims to further her education by going to WesleyJunior College and getting her Associate Degree in Paralegal studies and then obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Belize. One of her main goals is to learn about Sexual Health so that she can pass the information on to the youth in her constituency. In her spare time Delicia enjoys reading writing and watching Law and Order.

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