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Kylah Ciego

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Kylah Ciego

Kylah Ciego is a proud young mother whose eyes have been opened to the sexual and reproductive health needs of her community. She graduated from St. John’s College – Junior College (SJCJC) with an Associate’s Degree in Humanities (Literature and History), and her further academic pursuits included a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Belize, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Kylah has empowered young people through her volunteer work with the Community Rehabilitation Department and Youth for the Future. Being in the field of Social Work has greatly impacted her life because it gives her insight into the realities of the families within her community. With the Community Rehabilitation Department, she worked effectively with troubled and incarcerated youth. With Youth for the Future, she worked as a facilitator during the National Policy Consultations in 2011 and continued to work with them as a member of the Planning Committee for the National Youth Council. She became a GOJoven Belize Fellow in 2012, and, after successfully completing her training and leadership action project, she remained actively involved as a volunteer youth advocate and spokesperson for the GOBelize organization. In 2017 she was appointed as Beliz’s new CARICOM Youth Ambassador, representing as well as educating and leading young people in Belize, with a special focus on the health & wellbeing strategic goal in the CARICOM Youth Development Action Plan. This caring, driven young woman’s goal is to work with other like-minded community leaders to improve the social state of Dangriga and ultimately all of Belize.

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