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Leadership Action Plans, Belize 2009

GOJoven Trainees, Cayo Team
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Hummingbirds: “Flying Towards Positive Change”, Corozal District

LAP Objective:

Increase the knowledge of SRH and gender issues, including correct use of contraceptives, STI prevention, and the prevention of unwanted pregnancy of 75 young people ages 15-25 years.

Increase the knowledge of Sexual Rights laws in Belize of 25 young people and their capacity to defend their rights.

Achieved Outcomes:

Implemented a 2-day training where 36 youth were trained in SRH issues.

Applied for and were awarded a grant of $4,300 USD from the US Embassy through the American Ambassador’s HIV Prevention Program, a project of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator along with its Caribbean Regional Office of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Promoted and implemented the first ever Health Fair in Corozal Town; over 110 community members participated.

Coordinated a Youth Olympics where they promoted healthy sexuality, which involved over 200 high school students.

Estimated # of youth reached: 346

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