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Alisha Solis



Alisha Solis is 32 years old Garifuna woman originally from Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District. When Alisha was 11 her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her battle on 12/25/99. After visiting her mother at the hospital, she immediately aspired to become a great nurse who advocates for her patients. Alisha and her siblings were separated and she was placed at an aunt’s house until she was able to start a life of her own. She attended Edward P. Yorke High School and later transferred to Delille Academy, where she graduated with honours with the highest GPA.

Alisha then enrolled at the University of Belize where she was able to maintain a GPA above 3.0 and was awarded a full scholarship, by the Ministry of Health to complete her Nursing Degree. In 2010 Alisha graduated with a certificate in Practical Nursing and Midwifery. She later sat the Rural Health Nurse Licence exam and successfully passed it. She was granted her licence and got employed by the Ministry of Health at the Independence Polyclinic since 2011 as a Rural Health Nurse where she gained experience in working in the rural communities of Stann Creek and Toledo District.

Alisha is an Alumnus of GOJoven Belize Alumni Association since 2014 and has worked with at risk teen moms and has experience working with multicultural communities. She is very outspoken, dedicated and charismatic.

Alisha completed her studies at the University of Belize in August 2020 and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She returned to work as a Rural Health Nurse in charge of the Maternal & Child Health Department. Her hobbies include reading, socializing with family and swimming.

One word that best describes Alisha is AMBITIOUS she is a go-getter despite the obstacles she faces in life. Her ultimate dream is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner or a Public Health Nurse.

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