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Kashieka Broaster



Kashieka Broaster is Thirty (30) Years old and a member of the GOJoven Belize 2013 Cohort. She is currently the Social Specialist at the Ministry of Infrastructural Development & Housing-Climate Vulnerability Reduction Program and George Price Highway Rehabilitation Project. Her responsibilities include ensuring that the incorporation of Social Safeguards and risk mitigation measures are in activities of the Program Management Unit to avoid or minimize potentially adverse social impacts from the implementation of the program’s investment and operating activities.
As a Social Consultant with over eight years of experience in Belize, Kashieka has worked with several social service agencies such as the Ministry of Human Development, Families, and Indigenous Affairs, Conscious Youth Development Programme (CYDP) RESTORE Belize, UNICEF Belize and Project HEAL. Possessing the knowledge of in depth sociological/social work principles, policies, interventions, and techniques are as a direct result of her technical and education experience of both abroad and at home in Belize.
Kashieka considers herself to be a progressive young professional and as such she engages in the meaningful activities and voluntarily contributes to programs such as GOJoven Belize Program which has been designed to purposefully move our country forward. Kashieka still believes that in order for youth to make informed decisions, they should have (available to them) comprehensive sexuality education.

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