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Nekeisha Lima



Nekeisha Lima, is a 33 years old mother of two son, she was born and resides in the Corozal District, San Andres Village. She is presently holds the post of Intern Youth Officer at the Department of Youth Services in Corozal Town. She has been an Alum of the GOJoven Belize Alumni Association since 2011.
From a young age, Nekeisha has volunteered with several agencies, organization and groups namely: Child Advisory Board, Oceana Wave maker, The Gender Based Violence committee Corozal District, National AIDS Commission Corozal committee. She is currently a member of the liquor license board for the Corozal Town Council, A CUB Scout leader for the 11th Maryhill R. C. Scout Group, and she also volunteers with Special Olympics Belize, and the Rotaract Club of Corozal. Nekeisha believes that “Young people are assets to Develop a nation and not a problem to Solve”.

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