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Our Work

GOBelize provides leadership training and information on SRH and environmental consciousness to at-risk-youth, and develops leadership action plans (LAPS) with youth cohorts to implement projects aiming to address specific issues happening in society.


GOBelize also provides income-generating skills for young women, so they have financial freedom.


GOBelize offers community outreach and Sexual Reproductive Health Services and psychological support to HIV patients, as well as to other youth.


Our programs work holistically to equip youth with knowledge and information to help them break inequality circles and ensure a better future.

Leadership Training and SRH Information

GOBelize provides youth-at-risk leadership training sessions that include essential information about HIV, LGBTQ+, sexual rights, gender-based violence, and environmental awareness. These sessions are developed in-and-out of schools in collaboration with our cohort of fellows, a group of young leaders who are experts in providing coaching on specific areas. 
Our fellows are also involved in the development of our curricula, which is always adapted to the youth's needs in order to respond to their more relevant issues. 

GOBelize Trainer of Trainers 

GOBelize develops leadership action plans (LAPS), a dynamic methodology comprising an in-depth 4-weeks training throughout one year period targeted to youth cohorts. Trainees learn to conduct their individual LAP focused on the problem they want to solve in their society.


Through this program, trainees experience being leaders and decision-makers, become more aware and involved with the issues happening in their communities, and turn into contributing members of the society. They also develop the skills to present a proposal to local governments, create their own NGO, or create an individual goal in life. By the end of the process, these youth become part of GoBelize’s fellowship to continue strengthening the organization. 

Financial Empowerment for Young Women

We provide alternative income-generating skills for women to create their own ways of income, such as earring design to sell to tourists, nail arts, and farming. We’re currently working with women who have HIV, one of the most affected populations because of COVID-19. These women are still stigmatized and have lost their jobs, yet they want to build their capacity and understanding. 


Community Outreach

 Along with a group of expert fellows and testers, we provide HIV testing and support to treatment, psychological pre and post counselling targeted to HIV people, and psychosocial support to youth going through teen pregnancy, depression, or other problems.

Our approach to helping is holistic. Thanks to a strong relationship with local allies and institutions, whatever support we cannot provide directly, we make sure to link the person to our allies who can support their specific needs.

Evaluation of Programs

Evaluation is done by assessing the organizational strategic plan, and reporting the impact outcomes (by using client surveys, focus group data, pre and post tests and training evaluations).  

We also measure the success of our programs by the amount of individuals impacted by the organization’s service delivery, for example the number of HIV positive persons linked to and retained in key clinical services provided by the health care services and supported by GOBelize. 

Alumni Association

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